Just inland of Durban, on the coastal escarpment between Pinetown and Hillcrest, is the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve. It is the spectacular meeting place of two river gorges, the Molweni and Nkutu. Situated only 4 kilometres from the centre of Kloof, this reserve was established by the Natal Parks Board in 1950 and is now managed by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife.

Most of the reserve’s 584 hectares is covered by dense forest and vegetation and is a fine example of coastal forest and grasslands. It affords spectacular views across the well forested gorge cut by the Molweni River. The Reserve boasts an abundance of wildlife, including zebra, bushbuck, blue, red and grey duiker, vervet monkey, rock hyrax, slender mongoose, white-tailed mongoose, egyptian mongoose, banded mongoose, water monitor and genet. Unfortunately, if you are hoping to see the big five, then Krantzkloof is not the where you will do so. Birdlife is abundant, with over 200 species on record. The reserve has an interesting variety of indigenous flora.

One of the better known attractions at Krantzkloof is the well developed picnic area adjacent to the dam at the head of Kloof Falls. An informative ‘Interpretative Centre’ has been established at the site and is available for hire for functions. This spot is easily reached by following Kloof Falls road. Leaving the picnic site, the visitor may proceed to Bridle Road and enjoy spectacular views from two well marked view sites.

A second picnic site, developed at the top of the Nkutu Falls, may be reached by turning right at the top of Bridle Road into King George Avenue (which becomes Valley Drive) and continuing to the bottom of the hill. This picnic site has toilet facilities for visitors who are restricted to a wheelchair. There are a number of marked trails leaving from both picnic sites which allow visitors the opportunity to view the falls or descend into the gorge, following the river course. Other than the monthly guided walks which are organised on the first and third Sunday of each month, organised walks can be arranged on weekends – please contact us for further details.

The Krantzkloof Conference Centre, which was revamped early in 2016, is located within Kranztkloof Nature Reserve. It is currently managed by Kloof Conservancy and is available for hire for private or corporate events.


Video Clip of Krantzkloof

This short video showcases the beauty of Krantzkloof Nature Reserve through footage of cliffs, plants, grasslands, animals and a few of the stunning waterfalls found in the Reserve. There is also footage inside the revamped Krantzkloof Conference Centre.

Thanks to Maureen van den Bergh of Westville for her kind contribution in compiling this video for us