A trail map and visitor guide is available at both picnic sites

Description of trails

The trails within the Reserve are marked with coloured markers making them suitable for self-guided walks. Alternatively, guided walks are offered on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. These trails start at the Kloof Falls picnic site at 08h00 and cost R50 per person (includes gate entry fee). The first Sunday is a strenuous 6 hour walk and is recommended for fit walkers only while the 3rd Sunday is a more relaxed 3-4 hour walk which can be enjoyed by all.

Times indicated below are 1 way walking at a comfortable pace.

Yellow trail (Molweni Trail) – Strenuous
You can either start or end the Yellow Trail at any of the following 3 points: Kloof Falls Road picnic site; Uve Road car park or Nkutu picnic site, off Valley Drive.
All routes are strenuous and will take you to the bottom of the gorge at ±137 metres above sea level and out again to ±487 metres above sea level. Sufficient water should therefore be carried for this 5 hour walk (medium pace).
If you are not returning to your starting point, it is important to arrange to leave a vehicle or someone to meet you at your destination.
The yellow trail also provides the only access to the bottom of the Kloof Falls. The section of path to the falls is a dead end. Therefore you will need to retrace your steps as any attempts to climb the falls is both dangerous and forbidden.
Walking downstream of the point known as “Splash Rock” is not advisable due to the troublesome behaviour of residents outside the reserve. Small groups and unsupervised groups of young children should also not walk this area. Late afternoon and early morning walks in this area should be avoided.
Allow ± 5 hours at a medium pace.

Black Trail (Ipithi Trail) – Moderate
Starting at the Interpretative Centre at Kloof Falls picnic site, the black trail will take you on a circular route to the Ipithi Falls. There is some moderate uphill climbing but this should not prove to be too strenuous.
Allow ±45 minutes.

Blue Trail (Longshadows Trail) – Easy
The first part of this trail is common with the Black trail. The trail follows the Molweni River and wanders through very dense forest, which makes it cool and level.
Allow ±2 hours.

Red Trail (Nkutu Falls Trail) – Moderate
This trail starts across from the Valley Drive picnic site and will take you to the base of the waterfall just below the picnic site. Follow the trail to the forest where it turns sharply to the right and follow it to the bottom of the gorge. This trail leads to below the waterfall and back.
Allow ±½ hour.

Green Trail (Ntombeni Trail) – Easy
This trail will take you to a spot called “The Crack”, which offers spectacular vistas of the lower gorge. This is a level trail which passes through open grassland and can therefore be very hot.
Allow ±45 minutes.

Orange Trail (Beacon Trail) – Strenuous
This is a circular route through the Reserve.
Follow the Yellow Trail from the Kloof Falls picnic site. After crossing the weir on the Ronalds Kloof stream look out for a path turning to your right. The trail from here is easy to follow and will bring you to an open grassland with a trigonometric beacon.
Further down the hill the path splits. If you turn to the left you will go to a view site well worth the time (±10 minutes), or turn right to continue the trail.
At the top of the hill after, crossing the small stream, you will see a stone cairn. At this point you must turn left as a right turn will take you to the Uve Road car park. Follow the sign to Splash Rock. You are now back on the strenuous Yellow Trail, which will take you to the bottom of the gorge. After spending some time at Splash Rock you need to retrace your steps up the path a little way, until another path joins from the right. Taking this path, carry on until you come to a fork, which is signposted.
This will either take you to the base of the Kloof Falls or directly back to the Kloof Falls picnic site. If walking to the bottom of the falls, this section of path is a dead end,and you will need to retrace your steps to the fork.
Allow ± 6 hours at an easy pace.

White Trail – Moderate to strenuous
This trail starts to the right of the ablution building just beyond the Interpretative Centre building.
Meander to the left up the hill and turn right at the top. Follow the trail up a servitude between the houses. At the top of the hill, cross the road and the trail continues along the fenceline. Once you go over the crest a path will take you to the right to a viewpoint.
Continue along the fenceline until you reach a ladder next to the concrete wall. A steep path will bring you to the bottom of a waterfall. Cross the river and go up a very steep “crag” which takes you to the top.
From here follow the trail towards the right where you will enter the forest. The trail meanders through the forest for quite some time and you need to be aware of very steep cliffs along the southern side of the trail. Further, try and stay on the lower part of the hillside. There are a number of game paths here which may confuse you, so look out for the white markers as they blend with the surroundings.
As you exit the forest you will notice the trail continues down the valley to the forested river and up the hill on the other side. Once again follow the trail along the fenceline to where it meets the Yellow Trail. Left at this junction takes you to the Valley Drive picnic site and right will take you into the main gorge along the Yellow Trail.
Allow 1½ hours to the junction.