Honorary Officers

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Honorary Officers

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Honorary Officers is a volunteer service organisation which aims to supplement and support the staff of Ezemvelo in their conservation work within protected areas and District Conservation Areas.

There are approximately 750 members in 45 groups within the “garden province” of KZN – each group is affiliated to a specific reserve or conservation district.

Ezemvelo Honorary Officers become involved in various ways both in their home group and at other groups around KZN. Their involvement ranges from assisting with hospitality and visitor management to raising funds for strategic projects within the protected areas in KZN. A number of specialist members also provide valuable input on both conservation and maintenance based projects. The Honorary Officers play a vital part in environmental education for the general public in and around the Protected areas.

The process to join the HOs is a fairly easy one:

  1. Complete the form at the bottom of this page indicating your preferred group or area of activity
  2. You will be contacted by the relevant Regional or Group secretary to discuss your application
  3. An interview with the group committee will be set up to discuss your desire to join the group and provide a clear understanding of expectations for all parties
  4. If accepted, and after payment of the required joining fee, you will be required to undergo a 6 month probation period during which you will attend a 3 hour probation course and be expected to perform duties within your assigned group. The probation course gives more detail on the structure of the HOs within the Ezemvelo framework and also provides valuable information on various aspects relating to the HOs.
  5. Upon successful completion of probation, you may be appointed as a Honorary Officer and will be required to fulfill the expectations of the group in terms of monthly activities and duties

Honorary Officers purchase their own uniforms but name badges, appointment card and shoulder tabs are provided upon appointment.

More information on the EKZNW Honorary Officers can be found on our website at https://ezemveloho.com

Krantzkloof HO Group

The HO group based at Kranztkloof  consists of approximately 20 members and carries out various duties within the Reserve, including:

  • Monitoring and reporting on flora, fauna, invasive alien plants
  • Foot patrols within the Reserve
  • Fund raising towards upgrades at the Reserve
  • General maintenance & repairs
  • Public education
  • Upkeep of this website and Krantzkloof Facebook page


At the 2017 Provincial AGM held at St Lucia, the Kranztkloof Honorary Officer group was awarded a Certificate of Merit for their dedication and contribution to the Honorary Officers and EKZNW.

  1. Maintain close contact with management and staff in the reserve
  2. To ensure that facilities and services within the Reserve are maintained and improved
  3. Identify projects and aspects of the Reserve where we can become involved to assist EKZNW staff
  4. Raise funds or sponsorships to ensure completion of identified projects
  5. To be recognised by EZKNW, Reserve staff and visitors as valuable contributors towards the success of the Reserve

Interested in joining?

The group meets on the first Wednesday of each month and work parties and other duties are performed as needed on the weekends. Please complete the form below if you would like more information.