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Krantzkloof Conference Centre

Situated in Krantzkloof Nature Reserve, in the leafy suburb of Kloof about 25km west of Durban, its location makes KCC the ideal spot for your private or corporate events while enjoying the beauty of Krantzkloof. Bookings and arrangements are currently managed by the Honorary Officers based at the Reserve – by hiring this venue you are supporting the preservation of our environment.

The Centre with it’s tastefully decorated exterior and interior is able to host up 60 guests for your event, depending on seating arrangements. No marquees or tents are permitted to be erected on the property.

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This venue has limited “services” – you hire the space and organise your own service providers for catering, decoration etc. This gives you maximum flexibility to suit your taste and budget.

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Venue Details
  • Exclusive and private use
  • Parking for approximately 35 cars
  • A 50m2 concrete platform is available in the forest – ideal for “bush” weddings
  • 10 Fold-up tables – no tablecloths
  • 60 Chairs
  • 1 ladies’ toilet
  • 1 gents’ toilet
  • Food preparation area– minimal – no appliances
  • Hot water boiler and urn
  • No crockery nor cutlery – must be self sufficient
  • Basic toiletries are provided
  • Venue must be returned in condition found



Overview | Venue Details | General Info | Accommodation | Sponsors

General Information

Please note that this venue is run by volunteers and all income from the centre is used for projects at Krantzkloof Nature Reserve. The venue is handed to you in a clean and usable condition and we ask that you clean the venue on completion of your function and hand it back to us in the same condition you received it.

To assist us please adhere to the following:

  • Bring your own ladder to erect any decorations
  • Do not stand on the chairs to reach the beams
  • Do not use Confetti of any sort – they are a nightmare to clean-up
  • Empty the bins in the toilets and leave the toilets clean
  • We provide 2 bins with black bags – if you need more, please bring additional black bags. Tie up the black bags and place them behind the gate pillar at the main motor gate for removal
  • Switch off the hot water boiler at the end of your function
  • Clean-up any liquids spilt on the floor
  • Ensure that the kitchen is left clean – please bring your own cleaning materials
  • Spit-braais must be done in the courtyard on the concrete slab to prevent damaging the lawn or main entrance slab
  • Do not use the braai or flower pots as a dumping spot for cigarette stumps or other refuse
  • Please close the gate while your function is in progress
  • As the Centre is located in a Nature Reserve, all rules applicable to the Reserve are also applicable to the function venue and grounds

This is a NON-SMOKING Venue

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Our grateful thanks to our sponsors for all your support

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Accommodation near KCC

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