Safety Information



01 August 2020


has been


to the public

The closure is as a result of an instruction by Metro Police

due to safety concerns and non-compliance of visitors to the COVID requirements,

as laid down in the Disaster Management Act


The closure will remain in force UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Updates will be posted on the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve website and  Facebook page.



Safety Information

Thank you for visiting and enjoy being close to nature. The following simple guidelines will help to make your visit a safe and enjoyable one.

1) Trails are well marked but conditions can vary and some sections are steep and difficult. You are advised to:

  • not walk on your own
  • stay on the marked trails
  • wear good walking shoes
  • carry sufficient drinking water
  • wear a hat

2) Do not attempt to cross any stream in flood – rather turn back to your starting point. Sections of the reserve may be closed due to unsafe conditions during or immediately after heavy rains.
3) In wet weather the paths can be muddy and rocks very slippery – exercise extra caution to prevent injuries
4) Many viewpoints are on unfenced cliff edges – exercise extreme caution and supervise children at all times.
5) Rock-climbers must pay the entrance fee and complete the Climbing Register at the Kloof Falls Picnic site before climbing.
6) Walking in the reserve is safe but isolated incidents can never be excluded as they cannot anywhere in South Africa. Normal precautions when walking in isolated areas apply. Preferably do not walk alone.
7) You are required to pay the entry fee at Kloof Falls Picnic Site or the Nkutu Picnic Site (open on weekends only). There are various unmanned entrances at Bridle & Uve Roads. Entry at any point other than an official point is prohibited. You may be asked to produce your entry receipt by a uniformed Field Ranger or Honorary Officer who are also authorised to collect an entry fee from you. Please request a valid entry ticket when paying your entry fee.

Entry fees help maintain and protect the trails and natural treasures such as this reserve and to provide manpower for rescues and assistance in the case of an emergency.

Please help to keep our natural areas safe.

Please Note: The reserve is a Proclaimed Protected Area in terms of the National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act, 2003. (Act No. 57 of 2003). Please adhere to the Reserve Rules as displayed at the entrance gates to the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve. Failure to adhere to these Rules may result in severe penalties.



The KwaZulu-Natal Nature Conservation Board and the Kwazulu-Natal Conservation Service (Trading as Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife) does not accept the responsibility for any death, injury or illness sustained or suffered by any persons, or theft or loss of or damage to any property occurring within or arising from a visit to parks or resorts under their control, however caused and allegedly due the negligence of the Service or any of their employees or arising from the use of any facilities supplied or made available.